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Loyalty programs, member cards, insurance certificate, company Identification card - all of those needs a solution to provide the client with a card. The most efficient way is to integrate the card within a basic document - a letter, a form etc.

Emerson can integrate the card within a paper sheet. The card can be covered both sides with a film dedicated for personalisation. In this case you can print on standard laser printer a main document and a card during one process, without any special tools.

Integrated cards might be produced in two main types:

  • single - covered with foil both sides, where front side is applicable for lasering
  • butterfly - where the card is build from two pieces and final end-user  detaches the card from the main document as a label and has to fold it in half and the card is glued and ready for use. This solution allows for more thickness and allows for personalisation on both sides of the card by using just simplex personalisation of the document.


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