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Paper towels MAXI / MAXI PLUS

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Absorbent and durable paper made of 100% cellulose. Doesn't tear, doesn't roll, doesn't leave any wet pieces of paper.

Designed for extremely demanding industries (gastronomy, offices, industrial plants, etc.), as well as hair salons, cosmetics or wellness, and all other places where the use of paper towels is recommended. Our MAXI/MAXI PLUS paper towels are an excellent tool for getting rid of dirt from glass or ceramic surfaces without the risk of any streaks and scratches. They are characterized by high absorption properties and extraordinary performance - one roll equals up to 500 hand dryings! BRC CP certified.




  • 100 % cellulose
  • colour: white
  • 2 layers (2 x 18 gsm)
  • sheets per reel: 300/500
  • length of a reel: 60 m / 100 m
  • width of a reel: 220 mm



In short:

Absorbent and durable paper made of 100% cellulose. It does not rip, does not roll, does not leave wet pieces of paper.





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