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Printing house

Printing house

Scratch-off cards, coupons & lottery tickets
We are the largest producer of scratch cards in Poland, making about 100 million items a year. For 20 years we have also been successfully producing lottery tickets. We offer both standard and custom formats.
Labels for logistics & marketing
A unique and quality label does not only inform about a product, but also builds company's image among customers. We offer a wide range of labels, made also at the individual clients' request.
Prints for marketing, advertising and DM
We print all kinds of advertising materials, using various refinements. Our offer includes a wide selection of formats, shapes and colors. We specialize in production of 3D materials.
Specialized prints
Our specialized prints have unique, additional functions: a built-in card or a turning element, a combination of various raw materials, as well as additional forms of security that are used in banking.
Office products

Office products

Computer paper
Multi-ply, self-copy paper set and single-ply offset paper, produced on specialized rotary machines. Various formats, quantities, as well as special customer requests are possible.
Plotter paper and copy paper in roll
Plotter papers are used for technical drawings, graphic, recording of measurement results, precision plotting of maps and plans, plotting forms and templates, perform architectural projects, installation, etc.
Rolls for cash registers
Self-copying, thermal and fax offset rolls + our inovation - Healthy Receipt. We use paper resistant to mechanical damage and cracking. Our high quality paper equals long-term and trouble-free operation of machines.
Copy paper (white/coloured)
Looking for very good and affordable copy paper? It must be Emerson Office Paper! We offer highly rated multifunctional A4 and A5 copy papers as well as full range of coloured A4 copy papers (pastel, intensive, fluorescent).
Self-adhesive labels
We offer a large selection of self-adhesive labels, which can be used in all industry branches and at home: labels in A4 sheets, on rolls as well as labels for labelers.
Individual prints, NCRs, Pads, Forms
Printed forms as well as forms for further processing. We realize individual prints on the best carbonless offset paper. They are used in many industries and in various agencies.
Stretch film and mini-wraps
Commonly used packaging materials. At the client's need, it is possible to adjust stretch film in according to the preferred width, length, color or purpose.
Rubber bands and zipper bags
Our string bags are made of high quality polyethylene and include the best quality zipper. A wide range of sizes available. Our rubber bands are durable and flexible, available in various colours and sizes.
Safe and courier envelopes
Highly effective protection of valuable parcels against damage during transport. Secure envelopes are used in the transport of: bank deposits, secret documents or confidential materials.
Professional cleaning products - Nexxt
Professional, extremely effective cleaning agents. Due to optimally selected ingredients, Nexxt Professional products guarantee quick removal of dirt, while being pH-balanced.
Hygenic products
Nexxt Professional hygiene products - the best price/quality ratio in office hygiene solutions. Our offer includes durable and absorbent paper towels, C-fold paper towels and various types of toilet paper.
Budget cleaning products from Modern
A wide selection of cleaning agents designed to remove various types of dirt. The Modern brand is characterized by economical and efficient packaging, as well as a wide use of its products.
Oshee vitamin and natural products
We offer products of OSHEE, one of the most recognizable brands in Poland and the market leader in functional beverages. Its isotonic and energy drinks, water and tea are rich in vitamins and minerals.
Emerson's Royal Family
High quality paper products for all your printing needs as well as one of the best self-adhesive labels with Quatro Clean Technology available on the market! Let's make a five-star office together!

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