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Descaler for household appliances

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Thoroughly removes mineral residue!


Concentrated, specialized product, based on amido acids and methanesulfonic acids, designed to remove mineral residue. With hard water, it ensures maximum performance of machines and devices for a long time. Does not contain fragrances or dyes, completely safe for food. Removes water, milk and beer residue from every surface (glass, ceramics, enamel, polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon).



» Odorless;
» Does not contain hydrochloric and phosphoric acid (corrosive and destructive impact on devices), as well as nitric and sulfuric acids;
» The process of descaling can be carried out "cold ", without heating the device (you do not have to boil water to disperse residue after the descaler!);
» Enough to rinse the device once after descaling process has been carried out;
» Can be used without gloves - does not cause burns.



Available in: 250 ml




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