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Courier envelopes

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Do you ship products frequently in your daily work? Discover the offer of Emerson courier envelopes!


Our courier envelopes are one of the basic products used in the logistics industry, extremely helpful in ensuring the proper transport of documents, photos and all kinds of small items. Made of transparent foil, they protect the content against the negative weather conditions, moisture, dust and mechanical damage. They allow you and courier to properly protect the waybills, invoices, warranty cards or supplier specifications.


Emerson provides highest quality courier envelopes currently available on the market:

• designed for couriers using consignment letters

• made of high quality polyethylene foil,
• glue on the back side of the envelope allows the envelope to be permanently attached to the package and guarantees that  documents will still remain even after many shipment operations,
• they protect the content against moisture, dirt, adverse weather conditions and mechanical damage.



We offer our courier envelopes in the following formats:

• C6 (commodity code: ikk175132bntk)

• C5 (commodity code; ikk235175bntk)


Package contains 500 envelopes.



We will be pleased to prepare an offer for you.

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