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A5 Emerson Office Paper

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Surely, you have often edited documents or information materials that you printed in standard A4 format, and then divided the sheet into two halves. Not only did you lose time for additional activities, but risked that edges were not be aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to our A5 "Emerson Office Paper" you will never experience a similar problem again!


Our absolute novelty from "Emerson Royal Family" series will certainly meet all your expectations, and at the same time won't overstress your office or home budget. This versatile and multifunctional paper easily meets all your daily printing and copying needs. And, of course, you won't have to divide sheets ever again!

Emerson's latest solution, with a characteristic young tiger on the packaging, offers trouble-free operation in modern office equipment, printers and photocopiers. It is designed for color laser printing, black and white printing and copying. Use it whenever you need to print any presentation, charts, colorful graphics, business and direct correspondence, all kinds of newsletters, sales reports and black and white texts. The paper will ensure prints of photos and information materials of optimal quality as well as proper, clear contrast.

But that's not all - A5 Emerson Office Paper will help organize your child's time at home, kindergarten or school, enabling them to develop their art skills and interests! It can be used freely for any creative activities, drawing, painting or writing.


Product specification:

High performance paper for color laser printing and copying. Designed for everyday use at home or office, for all printing technologies: laser and inkjet printers, photocopiers, fax.

ream - 500 pcs.,

weight: 80 g/m2,
whiteness: 146.


Paper manufactured in the European Union, in accordance with high ISO standards!


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FInd out more about Emerson's "Royal Family"! These are high quality paper products for all your printing needs. Let's make a five-star office together!


A4 "Emerson Office Paper"


Labels in A4 sheets




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