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Emerson A4 Labels

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Our widely known product that's highly valued by a wide group of consumers. Designed to all users, who expect the highest quality of labels, as well as safety and aesthetics of the printing process. Now available in a new, eye-catching packaging!


Emerson self-adhesive labels are available in QCT (Quatro Clean Technology) with safety edges system. This unique solution prevents the accumulation of glue in the printer during the printing process, often experienced when using standard products available on the market. Emerson labels are designed for versatile use: addressing shipments, updating information or just marking any kinds of products and documents. They are compatible with all types of inkjet and laser printers (see manufacturer's recommendations).


Available in Quatro Clean Technology - with safety edges system, which prevent the accumulation of glue in the printer.


  • Packaging: 100 pcs. A4 sheets per set. 
  • 10 sets in box.
  • 38 different die-cuts available.



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Discover the full range of Emerson labels with QCT technology, secure edge on all edges of the sheet.





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